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Game of Thrones: Episode 6 "The Ice Dragon" Review - Xbox One
By: Alan M. Wasserman

Wrapping up a story nearly a year old; the first episode Iron from Ice released December 2nd, 2014 and almost 4 months after the penultimate episode A Nest of Vipers, Telltale Games brings us the final installment in this "season" of Game of Thrones withe The Ice Dragon. In this game; maybe more so than others in the Telltale library, the choices you make impact the lives of both the main characters and some of the secondary characters. Who lives or dies lies entirely on the people you've befriended or betrayed throughout the game, often those choices are not black or white varying shades of grey. Did you choose your life over your honor? Would you be called a craven and labeled such for eternity if it meant your house did not have to go to war? These are the root of Telltale games and in some aspects the core of the Game of Thrones experience. Unfortunately, for me this game ended up falling flat.

While I normally save the technical commentary for the back half of reviews, in this case it bears being mentioned up front. I downloaded the new episode on launch day knowing full well that I would be playing another day. When I fired up the game it took close to five minutes to even begin playing, between the main load screen checking for DLC and updates, choosing the next episode to play, and then loading into the standard "Previously on Game of Thrones" narrative it was a long time to wait before I even touched a stick or pressed a button. This delay was compounded by the review narrative continuing to have voice over and playback issues; still too often characters speak and their mouths don't move or there is voice over playing and no video on screen.

I have come to expect a certain amount of "jank" in these games. Telltale's strength is story-telling, not trying to be a technical masterpiece. But the lack of care in this game, when other games in the Telltale stable like Tales from the Borderlands, seemed so much more of a carefully crafted experience. Maybe Telltale had their development teams stretched too thin as they rolled out the final chapters of Tales, the new Minecraft game, relaunching their Back to the Future game on the 30th anniversary; all in the last 2 months? I am not a performance snob by any means and most of the time I don't usually notice a drop in frame rates or other minor technical deficiencies, but portions of this game, mostly in the action sequences, when the fame rate dropped so far it looked like I was staring at a screen capture not playing a game. Just like the narrative recaps, the game continues to have voice overs that don't always match the lips and characters often clip through objects so you so see half an arm inside a wall or a foot poking through a closed door. I feel like there should have been ample time to scrub more of this stuff out.

As always I will recap as spoiler free as possible. Since it had been 4 months since I last played this game, the recap was actually helpful. I had forgotten a couple of key things from my story and this episode starts with Gared Tuttle; perhaps the world's most loyal squire, still searching for the North Grove. He climbs a tree and lo-and-behold it's 50 feet in front of them! After a harrowing escape from a polar bear, Gared and his team of misfits locate a settlement in the middle of the North Grove. We find out perhaps Lord Forrester had more to concern himself in this place than just the Ironwood Trees. We are introduced to a new type of wildlings who hate the other standard wildings, and say they can't be trusted. Life is apparently very hard north of the Wall where no one likes anyone else and everyone hates the Night's Watch. Gared is forced to reveal his purpose of saving the North Grove and we find out the North Grove has been attacked more regularly by the wights since Mance Raynar took his forces south to fight the Night's Watch. We quickly find these inhabitants of the North Grove can handle themselves in a fight and take down a large force of wights with minimal casualties. Gared is eventually faced with a couple of hard decisions. The biggest of which is whether to take these warriors to Iron Wrath or stay here and defend the North Grove. There is a point in the story where Gared performs a ritual that feels straight out of Temple of Doom. I was expecting him to start yelling "Kali Ma Shakti de!" "Kali Ma Shakti de!"

We cut to Mira Forrester who is still skulking about at King's Landing where we now learn she has added eavesdropping to her list of dubious behaviors. Mira finally has to answer for all her shenanigans to Lady Margaery. She has the opportunity to turn in others along the way to save her own neck but, how you play it this ultimately up to you. The most scheming of the Foresters is bound to lose her head sooner or later; in one way or another. Mira's story felt very tacked on for two or three episodes in a row and this most recent portion didn't change my opinion.

Back at Ironrath, the ever dwindling Forrester line is faced with the final show down with the Whitehills. We are given a chance to choose our strategy, try and take them in a straight up assault or poison him. Either choice has you invite Ludd under a banner of truce. The choice conjures up memories of Walder Frey and his action at the Twins that resulted in the Red Wedding. This bookends the game nicely as this whole mess started outside the Twins during the Red Wedding. Asher who is now Lord of Ironrath in my game along with his pit fighter Sell Swords gives the Whitehills a fight but, ultimately numbers prevail and my tiny stronghold falls under the weight of a larger force.

In my version of the game some measure of justice was served for all the fallen lords of House Forrester, but ultimately I still lost Ironrath and Asher ended up on the run, again. As this story unfolded I was able to telegraph the end game knowing that this family faced overwhelming odds to maintain their home. And let's face it, they were Stark banner-men and thus far, that allegiance has not turned out well for anyone in Westeros.

As Cersei Lannister once said "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die"; this has never been more evident than with the Forrester family who were all ill equipped to play the game. The customary response to my usual review close of Valar Morghulis (All men must die) is Valar Dohaeris (All men must serve). The Forresters chose honor over servitude, family over alliances, good over evil, and nowhere but in the Game of Thrones Universe is choosing right over wrong punished more.

After the end game you get some nice narration from some of the show's biggest characters... Jon Snow, Ramsey Bolton, Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister all tell of their interactions with House Forrester and your choices are reflected on screen as they speak. It is probably one of the nicest touches as it ties the show into the game and makes it feel like one interconnected world. There will likely be a sequel; my hope is that it tells the same quality story, with higher quality visuals. I give the game 7 out of 10. Its emotional investment was great, but not enough for it to overcome the myriad of technical flaws. A review code was provided for this story.

Xavier S H reviews the Xbox One version of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. A review code was provided for this report.

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